5000 km de la Route verte

The Route verte puts all of Quebec within reach of your handlebars!

Made up of over 5,000 km of bikeways criss-crossing the most beautiful regions of Quebec, the Route verte puts you on the right track for the vacation of your dreams. No matter which bikeway you cycle on—the Parcours des Anses in Lévis, the Véloroute des Bleuets encircling Lac Saint-Jean, the Berri Street bike path in Montreal or the Estriade in the Eastern Townships—you’re riding on the Route verte.

This vast bicycle route—the most extensive in North America—includes all types of bikeways: bike paths, designated shared roadways and paved shoulders.

Bienvenue cyclistes! Bienvenue cyclistes !TM certified
More and more of you are discovering the joy of exploring Quebec on two wheels! And to help you make the most of the experience, you'll find along the Route verte and various local bikeways a number of tourist accommodations and campgrounds certified under the Bienvenue cyclistes !TM program.
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Bienvenue cyclistes!
The Construction Info Update provides region-by-region details about all current construction projects or temporary closures involving portions of the Route verte. It also suggests alternative routes and specifies official opening and closing dates.


Boasting bucolic scenery, the stunning Parc de la Rivière-des-Mille-Îles and the recently developed Route verte, Laval has its fair share of hidden treasures to explore. The Route verte is undoubtedly one of the best ways to discover the natural lushness that frames the Laval cityscape. From the south to the north shore of the island, there is a surprising abundance of green spaces and things to see. Starting at the Perry Island bridge, a former railway that has been renovated for use by pedestrians and cyclists, you can cross from Montréal to Laval, passing through parks and wooded areas as you travel northward. The route, which often runs alongside the

peak-hour commuter train tracks, is composed almost exclusively of bike paths. But what about the industrial areas? Well, there’s more to see than you would expect.

La Route verte est une idée originale de Vélo Québec réalisée avec le ministère
des Transports du Québec, le gouvernement du Québec et des partenaires régionaux.

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